Vyrrthia is a female silver dragon, estimated to be over 900 years old. She makes her home in Elsir, in the Giantshield Mountains.

Don’t make fun of her! It may say that she’s slow to anger, but do you want to test that out?! — Syril

Monster_Manual_5e_-_Dragon__Silver_-_p136.jpgVyrrithia in her true form.


Vyrrithia is a very old silver dragon, and she acts it. Unlike some dragons that will act younger than they are, it is very easy to tell that Vyrrithia is old and wise regardless of her form.
She is a caring individual, who looks to help those in need. However, she finds it very difficult to bond with anyone – be they dragons, humanoid, or otherwise. She tends to assume a motherly role around others, but this has been known to change depending on the individual.
She strives to protect anyone that is not evil, and sometimes even views particularly close individuals as her own blood. Slow to anger, skilled with magic both classical and epic, intelligent and wise beyond the vast majority of known dragons, Vyrrithia is a powerful ally.
8b00de18da5844cb55c641225aeac812.jpgVyrrithia is a caring individual
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Generally, Vyrrithia is viewed as the leader of the (few) metallic dragons of Elsir. This is in part due to her motherly attitude, and in part because she is now the oldest and wisest remaining on the island. Although it is rare that the dragons would unite, Vyrrithia is the most likely to be able to call them to do so – having done so at least once in the past (See: Red Hand).
Like most silver dragons, she likes to maintain a humanoid form – in this case an elven maiden. She will often travel to Brindol and Dennovar to watch over the people there, and indeed many city officials are aware of the fact that an ancient silver dragon is keeping watch over them. However, it is only on very rare occasions that she reveals her true form or chooses to interact with the people there.

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Vyrrithia’s main home is in the Giantshield mountains – there are various kobold and orc tribes that live nearby who have sworn fealty to her and who help protect her home when she is gone for long periods of time. Whilst no scholars have seen her lair, accounts have told us that it is high in the mountains, where snow falls year-round. There are multiple caves in the vicinity, and they lead to an underground labyrinth that eventually leads to Vyrrithia’s main chamber. As with most silver dragons, this is an entrance test for any guests – it is not a difficult labyrinth to circumnavigate but rather it is designed to show her how her guests deal with difficulty.
We know little of the lair itself, only that there are many entrances and exits for those capable of flight, and that the inside is as complex as the guest entrance to navigate. It is not a place for the claustrophobic!



Vyrrithia has few close friends, and no family. Whilst she maintains a courteous relationship with The Lost Guests, she does not view any within our number as her friends.
The closest is perhaps Fibula, who she has worked with extensively in the past and who was formally welcomed into the order recently.

She maintains a familial relationship with Amondur Sadron and his sister (who lives somewhere in the west reach of Havnor). The background behind this relationship is unknown to us.


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