The Lost Guests

The Lost Guests are a relatively young organisation, aligned lawful good and dedicated to preserving humanity and its offshoots. They were directly opposed by The Longest Egg until the destruction of the latter group, and still oppose The Calloused Exile – although due to the fact that The Calloused Exile do not know of The Lost Guests, they avoid any large confrontations.
The name comes from the idea that we are guests in this world (now confirmed, due to the nature of the world being revealed – see The Ring), and that since we have no clear path in life, we are therefore lost. This database is built and maintained by agents of the Lost Guests, so that we can ensure any information we may need in the future is readily accessible.

LG_Logo.png The logo of the Lost Guests, combining the logos of (top, clockwise): Pelor, Sehanine, Melora, Moradin, Corellon, Kord, Llira and Bahamut.


The Lost Guests were formed 97 years ago, when an adventuring party hired by The Longest Egg looted and ransacked a series of temples in the city of Nitar. The motivation behind this attack is still unclear, as it was never the style of The Longest Egg to attack so obviously, but nevertheless this is what happened. The attack caused followers of several different gods, including many whose temples in the city were not attacked, to band together to protect the city from any further harm and to repair the damage. The adventurers were killed during a second attack and refused resurrection, so no information was ever obtainable from them.

Seeing how strong they were when they combined their forces, the leaders of the different temples decided that they should work together. A second city was built and elevated above Nitar to make further attacks difficult, and the group dedicated their time and money to setting aside religious differences and instead focusing on improving their area. By the time the second city, Nil, was finished, the local economy had been given such a boost that the combined cities were considered to be a metropolis, with people coming from far and wide to live there. All good citizens were accepted without question.

About sixty years ago, a group of humans with access to technology, but not magic, found their way to the cities. It was at that point that the organisation started researching methods of combining magic and technology, to maximise efficiency. This also led to the significant number of wizards in the group, attracted by the prospect of a new form of “magic”.

A chance encounter led to the Lost Guests discovering The Longest Egg, at which point their resources slowly moved from improving their surroundings to stamping out the organisation. Twenty-five years ago, the twin cities of Nitar and Nil became self-sufficient enough that the Lost Guests no longer needed to help sustain them. From this point, they instead focused all of their resources on thwarting the plans of The Longest Egg.

Plans and Philosophy

The Lost Guests follow the alignment of lawful good to its fullest, without the traditional trappings of so called “lawful stupid” or similar. They have a distinct structure and hierarchy where every person has their own place, but people are not considered lesser for following a different path. They understand that each person has their place, and it is not always immediately obvious where that is, so they work to make sure that each individual within their organisation is able to end up in the place that’s best for them.
What rewards they earn from adventuring, gifts from deities and the like are split in a manner so as to maximise the function of the organisation. Magic items go to those who need them the most, and money is normally spent on building, maintenance, and salaries.

The original plan of the Lost Guests (see History) was to prevent The Longest Egg from completing their own plan. Now that they have been defeated and the group have learned of the new threat, their goal is to prevent the oncoming disaster – though exactly how, they are unsure at this stage.


The Lost Guests

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