The Ring

The ring is a giant structure built around the star Pelus, with the intention to prevent a reset event (see Reset Events). It is billions of years old, and has been home to countless species over this time, including 34 sentient species.


The Ring was started by the Criteks shortly after they discovered Reset Events, in an attempt to prevent one. Realising that it would be impossible to prevent their own demise, they calculated that the best reset to prevent would be the 23rd in the future, estimating this as giving them approximately 4.6 billion years. Two solar radios were installed – one above and one below the orbital plane of the solar system in which the ring was to be built, emitting a regular pulse that they hoped would be recognised by any species advanced enough to aid in the construction.

The human race were destroyed by the 22nd reset event. They had initially planned to finish the construction as quickly as possible and hide inside the ring, but were too slow. Whilst a few humans survived, they were mutated from their original forms and progress ground to a halt.

The Gaijin finished construction of the ring 120 million years later, and have since spread throughout the galaxy. Best estimates Random numbers plucked out of the air STOP VANDALISING MY ARTICLES give an expected 30 milion years since they left.


The inner ring is a complex structure built to maintain the illusion of normal day/night and lunar cycles. The illusion was somewhat broken when the Monolith ripped through one of the moons, leaving only debris. A month later, we were presented with a new, normal moon, and it was at this point that certain people started to question the reality of what we see around us (yeah, yeah, you would claim that you saw this coming —Jelum).

Better_Diagram_resize.pngImage Credit: Kit Keighley

The Ring

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