Types of player

There are three groups of people in this game:

  • The GM – Me (Sanchit). The rules do not apply, but I will break them rarely.
  • PC Owners – People who have played in the tabletop campaign. These people have veto power over their own characters and any scenes that their characters were involved in, as well as all the powers given to standard players.
  • Others (standard players) – These people have veto power over pages they have created, unless this contradicts a PC or cosmology page.

How the game works

At the start of each month (day tbc), a number of letters in the lexicon will be opened equal to the number of players. So with five players at the beginning of a game, a-e will be open. Players will then choose a letter and write a wiki article with a title beginning with that letter within a month. The same letter may not be chosen by multiple players.

If a player finishes their article early and wants more to do, they are allowed to take the next unclaimed letter so long as they let all the other players know.

Within the article, at least two links to uncreated articles must be made. In future, when someone selects a letter with linked but uncreated page starting with that letter, they must choose the linked page.
For example, if I were to link to the page “Grapes”, and someone then picked the letter G, they would have to create the page “Grapes”.

People can go back to previous pages and edit them if they wish, but it is polite to ask the creator if you wish to do this.
Certain pages may not be edited, and these are tagged as “no-edits”.



  • Aviv
  • Dobbin
  • Sanchit
  • Zoe


  • None


  • This page cannot be edited by anyone other than the GM. I will let everyone know if I make any changes.
  • I’ve not yet worked out if there’s a way to restrict access to editing certain pages in this, but the no edits rule applies even if I never work it out.
  • And finally, the most important thing, have fun and don’t be a dick :p


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