Welcome to the front page for The Longest War. This is a setting and (completed) campaign, and the intention of these pages is to provide both a log and details on the setting.

If you are involved in the wiki, you are in one of three groups of people:

  • The GM – me, Sanchit, the creator of this world. Basically, normal rules don’t apply. I’m the only one that can invite people, and I’m the one you should come to if there are any issues.
  • PC owners – people who played in the campaign. These people have veto power over their own character as well as plot which their characters were involved in, as well as the powers of the final group (below).
  • Everyone else. These people get veto power over pages they created.

Anyone can view the game, including those not registered on Obsidian Portal, but only those invited can edit it.
Everything else, including a full set of rules and players, can be found in the wiki.

The Longest War

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